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My practice offers a variety of services at the office and out in the community. At the office, I offer individual sessions for adults, and children as well as co-parenting, dyad and family sessions. Out in the community, I offer group facilitation, retreats, consultation, and training.

I am humanistically trained and base my practice in integrative psychotherapy. I am interested in the neuroscience of emotions, developing emotional literacy and social-emotional awareness and regulation through creative expression, exploration, and problem-solving. 

I am trained as an Expressive Arts therapist offering a palette of creative modalities to explore further what is present. These modalities include drawing, painting, sculpting, moving/dance, acting, music, puppets, and sand tray. We can delve deeper when we work with multiple modalities, moving from one modality to another. Using the arts assures there are always choices of expression. 

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Francisca Lizana

Expressive Arts Therapy

Emotional Literacy

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