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Professional Experience

School Counseling  and Consulting

Since 2004, throughout my school-based counseling roles, I provided support to elementary and middle school students by facilitating emotional literacy, social-emotional awareness, skills building and emotional problem-solving. Alongside working directly with students, I consult teachers, parents, and administration. Part of my role as a school counselor has been to conduct individual assessments, lead small groups, whole classroom SEL activities, and teacher training. I enjoy working collaboratively with learning specialists, educational and occupational therapists as well as psychologists and other mental health or medical providers. The school environment is one of my favorite settings to work at, supporting children where they spend most of their time.

I was at Escuela Bilingue Internacional from 2013 to 2018 as their School Counselor/ Social-Emotional Support Specialist for a variety of grades through the years. I was happy to spearhead the development of a unique Social-Emotional Support and Learning program tailored to the unique needs of the EBI community.

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